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Mangalore Buns(Sweet Banana Buns) Banana Puris with video

  Mangalore buns is as popular breakfast or tea time snacks in the coastal region of Karnataka .This food belongs to coastal cuisine. The buns are mild sweet, soft fluffy puris made using all purpose flour and banana.

These buns are also called as banana buns or pooris. Typically served with a spicy coconut chutney and sambar, but they also taste great without any accompaniment.


Mangalore buns are sweet fried bread made with mashed bananas, flour,
sugar and spice with a tough of ground cumin.

Mangalore buns are found only in Mangalore. Although you find a Mangalorean restaurant or Udupi hotel ( as it's commonly known outside Mangalore/South Kanara) blooming in every nook & corner of the world, rarely do you see the Mangalore buns on the menu.



  1.    In a small bowl, mash the  ripened bananas with a fork. Smash the banana until it  becomes smooth. 
  2.       Add cumin seeds 1 Tsp
  3.     Salt to taste or 1 Tsp and mix it well
  4.       Add sugar 3/4 cup or 3 Tbsp depending on the sweetness of banana and combine it well
  5.      Add curd 100 Gram or 1/2 cup and mix it well
  6.     Add Maida 2 cup and mix well
  7.    Add ghee 1 tsp and mix well and add cooking soda 1/2 Tsp and mix it well until soft      dough is formed(Knead 4 to 5 minutes)
  8.  Cover and rest in warm place for 8 hours.
  9. After 6 hours  knead the dough slightly and pinch a ball sized dough.
  10. Dust with some Maida and roll slightly thick than Poori. 
  11. Roll out into thick Poori
  12. Deep fry the buns in hot oil on medium flame
  13. Further fry the buns on both sides keeping flame on medium the 
  14. Press gently and flip to fry other side 
  15. Take it out once it reaches brown color
  16. Serve the banana buns  with chutney or sambar. You can also have them Tea or plain.

Banana buns or Mangalore buns video recipe:

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